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01 Hanson lift7F01

Hanson lift is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, sales, manufacturing and service of elevators, escalators and automatic walkways.

The company especially focuses on escalator technology, and is committed to producing the safest escalator (automatic walkway) products, including escalator (automatic walkway) update program, and to provide the best program and personalized service to customers around the world with international standards, to create the greatest value for customers.

The factory covers an area of more than 33,500 square meters, of which the production area of more than 20,000 square meters, the advanced elevator test tower up to 100 meters. The company has brought together high-level, high-quality technical personnel and management personnel engaged in elevator research for many years, always implement the customer-centric marketing concept, and constantly establish and improve the sales, installation, maintenance of the "trinity" marketing

operation system and service system, with advanced manufacturing technology, processing equipment, professional technical support, to ensure the quality of products.

Hanson lift for the international and domestic markets. Strive to achieve enterprise management in line with international standards, toward the production of energy saving, less pollution, low noise, long life, green elevator development direction, to provide global users with perfect quality elevator products.



02 Huai 'an JiangongNylon Products Co.,LTD.(5E01)

Huaian JiangongNylon Products Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1989, more than 30 years, Jiangong nylon has developed into a professional R & D, production, sales as one of the integrated enterprises, the company is located in Huaian District,covers an area of 550,000 square meters, more than360 employees, fixed assets of 250 million yuan, the annual production of nylon products more than5 million pieces, Annual sales of nearly 400 million yuan. In the production scale, technology research and development has been in the domestic industry leading position!

 JiangongNylon brings together many advantages of resources, rely on the letter and thick economic knife, and constantly introduce advanced production equipment, with all kinds of CNC machine tools more than 300 sets, the introduction of advanced MC nylon casting production line, has achieved mechatronics control, so that the production scale is greatly improved, the quality is more guaranteed!

The companyestablished the product research and development testing center,the conventional physical property testing equipment including thermal deformation, wear testing machine, elevator pseudo-dynamic load testing equipment, 30T static load universal testing machine, low temperature test box, salt dew testing machine, impact strength testing machine, dynamic balance testing machine, water absorption meter, etc.Unconventional physical property testing commissioned the NationalChemical materials Testing Center, Shanghai Plastics Research Institute testing center and other authoritative institutions for testing: the company constantly updates the development of MC nyion products with the main intellectual property nights, the products have obtained GJB9001C-2017 library engineering quality case certification,1S09001 quality system certification,JATF16949.automobile quality system certification,15014001 environmental management system,15045001 occupational health and safety management system certification: In' terms of scientific research, the company has maintained technical cooperation with Institute of Physical Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Dalian University ofTechnology, Hubei University and other well-known domestic scientific research institutions and universities.

 JiangongNylon adhering to the "integrity-based, win-win cooperation" business philosophy, relying on excellent product quality and excellent marketing team, construction nylon has won the majority of customers recognition and trust. With Zoomlion Heavy Industry,Sany Heavy Industry, Xugong Group,Liugong Group, Manitowac, Midea Elevator,Theo elevator, Giant Kone, Xizi Elevator,Guangri Elevator,Kuaiyi Elevator,Lingwang Elevator,Xiji Schindler,Olida Elevator, Foton Daimler Automobile,BAICHeavy Truck,FAW Jiefang and other well-known enterprises to establish a stable strategic partnership.

"Inherit excellence, create a better future", Jiangong Nylon will continue to take customer requirements as the guide, sustainable development as the driving force, continuous research and innovation.Construction workers will inherit the glory and dream, based on a strong foundation, as always, to build excellent leading brand enterprises, nylon industry leader and forge ahead all the way!



03  Hangzhou Wulf Chain Co., Ltd6B11)

Wulf Group is one of the largest and leading manufacturers of conveyor chains,transmission chains and sprockets in Europe, with production sites in Europe and Asia and a global sales network. More than 1,200 employees design, manufacture and sell worldwide to meet the needs of our customers.

Hangzhou Wulf Chain Co.,Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise invested by Wolff Group in China. The completed factory and office space covers an area of about 15,000 square meters. The company specializes in theproduction of various types of conveyor chains and sprockets, which are widely used in escalator, automobile, bulk material conveying, steel and wood conveying and other industries.

Wulf Chain continuously supplies a variety of chains and sprockets for visually moving escalators and sidewalks. Our products pay special attention to smoothness and comfort, while ensuring the safety of passenger escalators, in addition, Wulf chain with the manufacturing process to reduce the wear of the chain during use, and extend its service life, our products are suitable for all kinds of escalators with different heights and different spans of sidewalk ladders.Wulf's products carry millions of passengers around the world every day.

In production management and quality management, the company pays attention to the application of leading technologies, constantly improves products, and is committed to the development of advanced technologies.Customer satisfaction and trust is the driving force for the company to keep moving forward. lf you are interested in our products and services, please contact us as follows, Wolf Group will be happy to serve you.

Add:No.40Tangning Road, Canal Street,Linping District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang,China Tel:+86(0)571.8618 9900

 Fax:+86(0)571.8618 9950



04 Shanghai Ximi Technology Co., Ltd.(6B09)

Shanghai Ximi Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2016 and located in Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, is a company specializing in the research and development of accessories and materials,

innovative design, product manufacturing and service support for the elevator manufacturing industry. The steel belt wheel and other products developed by the company have been widely used in the steel belt

elevator, villa elevator, home elevator, passenger elevator, sightseeing elevator, freight elevator, fire elevator and other elevator manufacturing fields, and have been well received in the use of users.

With the growth of the company's business, in order to serve our customers more conveniently, we will set up a research and development center, production base and sales service center in Shanghai in 2020. In order to provide customers with better products and services. The company has gradually developed overseas markets, and has established strong and long-term cooperative relations with customers in Turkey, Russia, India, Spain, Finland, Brazil and other countries.