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Junior high school graduates become five - star elevator workers

    Gu Guoyou, 42, from rural Dianjiang County, has been moving around since he graduated from junior high school. Thanks to his continuous study of elevator knowledge and skills, he has become a senior blue-collar worker with a monthly income of tens of thousands of yuan. He has also become the most vivid teaching material that knowledge can change destiny.

    At 5:30 am on December 7, Gu Guoyou set out from his residence in Huayan New Town, Jiulongpo District, to the Majiayan Light Rail Base.There are more than 290 elevators on Rail Line 1.Gu Guoyou and 8 workers divided into two groups, began the daily inspection of all elevators, noon back to the Daping squat duty.

    Because every day to deal with a variety of complex accidents, can be independent, GuGuoYou in the company has the highest technical level of five stars, has been repeatedly entrusted with important tasks.

In 1994, Gu Guoyou joined the migrant workers in the south, he just turned 20 years old.As only a junior high school culture, you can only go to Dongguan an electrical factory to do the most simple handyman.In 1995, the factory came to the maintenance of the elevator master, Gu Guoyou took the initiative to go up to help, and then visit the teacher.Junior high school culture of ancient friends do not understand the circuit diagram, through self-study to understand the semiconductor, diode, contactor and other key components principle, step by step to understand the elevator principle.

   In 2004, gu guoyou returned to chongqing, handled the installation and maintenance of various brands of elevators, he has been a good hand in technology.In 2007, Gu Guoyou entered the mechanical and electrical system of Chongqing University of Technology through his own examination, and got a junior college diploma in 2010 and a second-class construction qualification certificate in 2012.

GuGuoYou has become the hot property for each elevator company.When installing escalator in Yangjiaping underground passageway, the pedal and comb tooth plate do not mesh fault, the technical personnel of the manufacturer are at a loss.Gu Guoyou judged that the two gears of the main drive were misplaced, and the product was tested in the laboratory of Chang 'an factory, which proved his judgment.

No. 1 line elevator appears major trouble, want this technical expert to come out.At 4 am on October 1, an elevator at Qixinggang station broke down and Gu Guoyou quickly fixed the problem.

As the company's highest level of technicians, GuGuoYou's monthly salary is more than 10,000 yuan, more than many college students, graduate students and management personnel.Gu Guoyou has bought a house and a car in the main city, and is fully integrated into the city life.

    Gu Guoyou also passed on to his apprentices the craftsman spirit of painstaking study of business.Over the past 20 years, Guguoyou has recruited more than 50 apprentices, some of whom have become project managers or even bosses.

    "I'm proud to be an elevator worker."Gu Guoyou said, have a skill, is the foundation of survival.

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