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On August 27, leading specialists of the elevator sector from North-West Russia, Moscow, Ufa and other regions of the country met for the ninth time at the roving seminar of the National Elevator Union (NEU), which was held at the elevator equipment plant CJSC “Enterprise PARNAS” (Saint-Petersburg).

The number of participants of the seminar “Problematic Points of the Elevator and Vertical Transport Sector. Their Solution Approaches” had to be limited in the background of pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19; the organizers diligently followed the prophylaxis anti-infection measures..

The event discussed a number of issues topical for the elevator sector, including:
– results, priority areas of activity and strategic tasks of NEU in 2020;
– implementation of the Record of the Meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation No. DM-P97pr of 05.02.2019 and the plan of measures (“roadmap”) for the elevator sector development;
– changes in the legislation concerning the elevator replacement issues in Russian Federal Subjects related to financing and lending as well as the initiative on “direct procurement/supply” of elevator equipment etc.

Moderator, First Vice President of NEU Alexei Zakharov noted that the current stage of NEU combat for preserving the elevator sector, interaction of the Union with governmental executive bodies and future of drafts of ambiguous governmental resolutions being lobbied by the state-owned corporation JSC “DOM.RF” were of special interest among broad topics.

The recent federal laws No. 247-FZ “On Mandatory Requirements in the Russian Federation” and No. 248-FZ “On the State Oversight (Supervision) and Municipal Oversight in the Russian Federation” received the same attention.

They are among key documents of the oversight-supervision activity reform which has been carried out since 2014 and replace the Federal Law No. 294-FZ of December 26, 2008, which was the basis for the elevator sector for many years.

In its newsletter, NEU familiarized its members with results of the legal express analysis of these documents but the seminar participants wanted to receive objective practical explanations on how to apply the new laws in the elevator sector. The NEU First Vice President spoke on related risks the Union specialists managed to reveal.

During the practical part of the seminar the “PARNAS” guests looked at the products and production potential of the enterprise. The representative of the Committee for Tariffs of Saint-Petersburg analyzed results of inspections of management companies, which duties included operations of elevators, and consulted the trainees on standard issues which emerge during inspections.

Therefore, in spite of some organizational restraints due to the pandemic, the “PARNAS” team managed to demonstrate hospitality, openness, goodwill, and underline once again that the enterprise’s products – dumb waiters, platforms for disabled people etc. – evoke interest of the professional elevator community and consumers.