The Twelfth Session

  • May 10th ~13th2016

    The World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2016 has been held successfully in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) during May 10 -13. With innovation and development as it’s themes, the Expo 2016 is the largest ever in history in terms of the scale and the number of participants, totaling exhibition square of over 135,000 square meters and over 1200 exhibitors from home and abroad, and receiving an audience of 120 thousand. Foreign enterprises from Germany, the United States, Japan, Korea, Italy, India, Turkey, Singapore, the United Kingdom more than 20 countries and regions. The elevator industry products, technology and related equipment has been displayed the evolution and novelty. It’s a platform for the elevator industries cooperation and exchanges in globle. It's a platform for the elevator industries cooperation and exchanges in globe.
    The exhibition is sponsored by the department of China elevator association for the 12th elevator professional exhibition,it has been passed 12 years after the fourth exhibition held in Shanghai,.It's the 20th anniversary of the establishment of continuous since 1996. With the supports from domestic and foreign exhibitors, audience and related parties of friends and colleagues, has become the world's most influential elevator industry event.
    During the exhibition time there held more than 20 technical communication meeting like:< Vertical Transportation Design for High-Rise Buildings>/ <Gen2 - New-Generation Elevators To Meet Emerging Challenges > from Otis Elevator Company;
    <Interpretation of related clause for traction machine about revised GB7588-2003> / <The Safety rules for the construction and installation of electric lifts and new product introduction>. From Suzhou Torin Drive Equipment Co., Ltd.
    <How to maximum your handrails’ performance, life span and commercial return> From EHC Global
    <Take to the Next Level> From Wittur Elevator Components (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
    <Shanghai mitsubishi ultra-high speed elevator technology> From Mitsubishi Elevator Co.,Ltd.
    These seminars were get many elevator companies, scientific research units, the international organization for the elevator and professional media's consistent and high praise.
    According to the requirements and the developments of China's elevator industries , the advices from the elevator industry colleagues, World Elevator & Escalator Exhibition 2018 will be hold on 8 ~ 11 May 2018 at the national convention center (Shanghai) .Expecting to meet you all in 2018 at Shanghai and join hands to create new brilliance.

    The Eleventh Session

  • May 13th ~16th2014

    Hosted by China Elevator Association and China International Center for Economic And Technical Exchanges, organized by Langfang Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd. The 10th World Elevator & Escalator Expo has achieved a perfect conclude in China Import & Export Fair Complex. Such exhibition will receive the great supports from the major units: The PRC Commerce Department, the PRC Construction Department, and National Quality Control Inspection & Quarantine Office, as well as several organizations within the international elevator fields such as Germany, Turkey, India, Russia, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Poland and Iran.

    The estimated total area for the exhibition is mainly about 60,000 square meters, there are 703 enterprises attended in this Exhibition and 22 countries and regions presented here including the Italy, Germany, The United States, India, Turkey, Singapore, Japan, Korea and England in which 107 of them are the enterprises who focus on the entire machine. 561 of them are component-manufacturers. 35 of them are the medium organizations which have made the broadcasting reports in all-round ways. Some noted international brands such as Mitsubishi, HITACHI, KONE, FUJITEC, TOSHIBA and YUNGTAY, along with several national famous entire-machinery enterprises such as: SJEC, CANNY, DIAO, are all exhibited on the stage completely. There are also some famous component-suppliers present here, for instance: Ningbo Shengling, Ningbo Xinda, Xizi, BEST, TORIN DRIVE, STEP, MONARCH, Dongfang Fuda, Wittur,Lilong and Shenyang Blue light whose varied exhibits are on the display, giving people a sense of good effects.

    The World Elevator & Escalator Expo is the largest elevator exhibition all around the world which covers the essences of global elevator fields. It has accumulated substantial details and resources for a couple of years. At the same time, it also provides an international platform for the broadcasting and products exhibition for those global customers. As a result, enterprises can strengthen the mutual cooperation and exchanges, bringing in the new technologies and products, achieving the maximized profit within the enterprises, forging the effects of brands. All of all, a powerful platform will be provided.

    The World Elevator & Escalator Expo just like an linked bridge for the world elevator industry to understand each other better, which provides the favorable assistance to the global strategies of China elevator industry and moreover, offers the precious opportunity for enterprises to showcase their changeable technologies. It has a remarkable meaning of promotion for opening up the markets at home and abroad. All seats are occupied by guests while numerous friends filled up in the room. The 11th World Elevator & Escalator Expo is looking forward to your involvement! 

    The Tenth Session

  • May 19th ~21th2012

    The10th WEEE ended successfully on May, 19th in China Import & Export Fair Complex in 2012.For this exhibition, its total areas occupied more than 60,000 square meters with 703 exhibitors both at home and abroad, as well as 29,904 audiences included here. The amounts of visitors reach about 98,025 people, thus proves its fame - as the largest elevator exhibition across the world. The major exhibitors in this exhibition include both the international and domestic elevator & component enterprises. During the four-day period of exhibition, each exhibitor exhibited their artistic products and the relevant equipments. Meanwhile, there are 5,000 professional audiences participating in this exhibition which adds up a splendid line for the success of the exhibition.

    703 exhibitors who attended in this exhibition include the elevator fields in each corner of the world. 22 overseas enterprises participated in this exhibition range from Italy, Germany, The United States, India, Turkey, Singapore, Japan, Korea and England; 107 entire- machinery enterprises and 561 component enterprises which brings the latest products into the exhibition in order to broadcast and promote; 35 professional media aimed at focusing on the elevator whose duty is to report and promote the whole process of the exhibition in an all-round ways.

    Furthermore, the exhibition also holds up dozens of technological exchanges. Some of them entitled with “Control technology of super high speed elevator transporting capability”, “ Control technology of super high speed elevator shocking”, “ About the regulating system of high speed elevator”, “ EN81-1:1998+A3:2009 standard detailed explanation”, “ The application and exchange of elevator steel wire rope”, “ IC card/CPU card/commercial code; the announcement of the elevator new products and introduction of invention patents technology”, “ About the elevator control and the new technology of safety functions”, “ Introduction of the new staircase guiding machinery technology”. All of these exchanges attach great attention to the visitors. Members in the conference could share the most advanced and leading-edged elevator technology.

    The Ninth Session

  • April 22nd ~24th2010

    The 9th WEEE was held on an unprecedented scale in Langfang. The total exhibition area was over 50,000sqm, and the number of domestic and foreign enterprises and exhibitors amounted to 603 and 8,700 respectively. Hence, the title of the largest world elevator exhibition was confirmed again. In this exhibition, the main exhibitors included many international and domestic elevator and components enterprises. During the four days of this exhibition, each exhibitor showed his products and related equipments. Meanwhile, there were 15,211 registered audiences took part in this event, and the visitors were 45,000. That became one of the highlights of the exhibition.


    603 elevator enterprises which came from all over the world attend this exhibition, including Chinese Foreign Company were 120 and 22 other countries (Italy, Germany, the United States, India, Turkey, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom,etc).Moreover, there were 60 business machine enterprises and 500 auto parts enterprises bring their latest products to promote. And more 30 professional elevator media reported this exhibition comprehensively.

    The Eighth Session

  • April 18nd ~21th2008

    On April 18th ~ 21st, in 2008, the 8th WEEE was held in Langfang Exhibition Center again. The area of this exhibition covered 45,000sqm, and there were 460 enterprises attended this exhibition, the number of exhibitors was about 7,000. 23 countries and regions took participate in this exhibition, they are China, the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, etc. There were 35,000 customers being received, and people from 43 countries and regions arrived in this exhibition hall.

    The Seventh Session

  • April 22nd ~24th2006

    On April 22nd ~24th, in 2006, the 7th WEEE was held in Langfang Exhibition Center, and the area was 35,000sqm. More than 350 registered enterprises and 5,500 people took part in this exhibition. Participating countries and regions are China, the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, Spain, Italy, Finland, England, Korea, France, Turkey and Malaysia 21 countries and China's Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan. During the exhibition, we received 30,000 visitors, including 3,300 overseas views. Meanwhile, in this exhibition, Professional Technology Exchange, Market Seminars, Trade and Economic Conference were held 22 times. In addition to the organizer, there were 20 elevator enterprises, research units, and elevator standard organizations took participate in this exhibition, the professional amounted to 2,000.

    The Sixth Session

  • April 15th to 18th2004

    The 6th WEEE was held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center from April 15th to 18th, in 2004. The area had 15,000sqm, there were 126 exhibitors came from 16 countries (China, including Hong Kong SAR, the United States, Germany, England, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, Italy, etc). At the same time, Germany Elevator Association, the Hong Kong Elevator Association and the Industry group also joined in the exhibition. About 28,000 visitors attend this exhibition, and more than 18 technology exchanges and press conferences were held.

    The Fifth Session

  • April 17th to 20th2002

    The fifth WEEE was held in Beijing Exhibition Center from April 17th to 20th, 2002, the area of 24,000sqm was covered. Registered exhibitors were 205, while exhibitors arrived at 3,580. Participating countries and regions were China, the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Finland, England, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and other countries and China's Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan. The daily visiting condition: 17th 10,700; 18th 8,500; 19th 5,500 and 20th 2,800. Meanwhile, we received 2,600 overseas exhibitors, they came from the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Finland, England, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, France, Austria, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Chile, and other countries and China's Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. In this exhibition, Professional Technology Exchange, Market Seminars, Trade and Economic Conference were held 27 times. In addition to the organizer, there were 20 elevator enterprises, research units, and elevator standard organizations took participate in this exhibition, the professional amounted to 2,000.

    The Fourth Session

  • June 26th to 29th2000

    From June 26th to 29th, in 2000, the fourth WEEE was held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center. There are over 180 exhibitors, who came from China, the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Finland, UK, Spain, Austria, New Zealand and China's Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan province. The area covers 11,000 
    Sqm, we received 25,150 people at home and abroad, including 9,672 registered audiences. In this exhibition, Professional Technology Exchange, Market Seminars, Trade and Economic Conference (14 times) were held. The survey for exhibitors showed that pretty satisfied(24%),satisfied(67%),dissatisfied(9%).

    The Third Session

  • Nov.11th to 14th1998

    In 1998, from Nov.11th to 14th, the third WEEE was held in the Beijing Exhibition Hall. There are 16 countries and 198 elevator manufacturers attended this exhibition. The area covered about 11,000 square meters. During the exhibition period, there were 13 Replication Conferences being held. The number of visitors arrived at 45,000. Meanwhile, the elevator without machine room and the remote monitoring device were welcomed by lots of people.

    The Second Session

  • July 3rd to 7th1997

    From July 3rd to 7th, in 1997, the second WEEE was held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center. The area of this exhibition covered 11,500 square meters. China(include Hong Kong SAR), The United States, Germany, England, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand took participate in the exhibition. At the same time, 162 manufacturers of Taiwan and Macao attended this exhibition, too. There were 10 Replication Conferences being held during this exhibition period. At this time, the trade visitors were 25,000.

    The First Session

  • August 20th to 24th1996

    From August 20th to 24th in 1996, the first session of the China International Elevator Equipment and Technology Exhibition (WEEE) was held in Beijing International Exhibition Centre. There were 17 foreign countries, namely, more than 70 manufacturers taking part in the exhibition. Meanwhile, there were more than 66 domestic manufacturers also joining in this exhibition (include Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan).In additional, 143 organizations and industries took participate in this exhibition, too. The exhibition area was 8,000 square meters. The number of visitors is 70,000, including 2,000 foreign audiences. The total sales of the trade amounted to 18 million dollars and 30 million RMB. During the exhibition period, 12 Replication Conferences were held in this center. China elevator association received Germany and Italy's elevator association delegations, Hong Kong elevator industry association delegations, and Taiwan lift equipment safety association delegations.
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