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Provincial government website recently announced legislation establishing Ontario as the first jurisdiction in the world to mandate standards for elevator repair timelines. Additionally, Ontario will enable collection of data to inform the development of the standards, enhance enforcement of maintenance requirements, amend Ontario's fire code to notify fire departments when designated firefighter elevators are out of service, publish information about elevator performance, help elevator owners negotiate better maintenance contracts ‎through an education and outreach campaign, and create new standards for new-build high-rise buildings to ensure they have enough elevators. An independent study was commissioned by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and requested by the Ontario government in June 2017 due to the Reliable Elevators Act's introduction last year. The action plan addresses all 19 recommendations proposed in the final report. A further report by says the government is taking action to address all the recommendations, including enhancing access to elevators for first responders, enhancing TSSA's enforcement of elevator safety regulations to ensure elevators are adequately and proactively maintained (fall 2018) and addressing the labor supply of elevator mechanics through consultations to determine options to meet labor market demands.

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